The Company That Appoints AI as a CEO.

NetDragon appoints virtual executive Tang Yu as CEO, the first virtual individual appointed in China, to implement "AI+ management" strategy.

Aug 25, 2022 - 17:17
Mar 17, 2023 - 17:39
The Company That Appoints AI as a CEO.
NetDragon Appoints AI as a CEO

Key Takeaways :

  • NetDragon appoints Tang Yu, a virtual executive, as CEO, marking the first time in China that a virtual individual has been named a CEO.
  • Tang Yu's appointment is expected to streamline workflows, improve task efficiency, and enhance risk management.
  • Tang Yu will represent the super universe, share the company's strategy and performance, and assist in implementing "AI+ management" to enhance organizational efficiency.
  • NetDragon's team of internal AI staff, led by Tang Yu, is responsible for various tasks, including document approval and employee performance evaluation.
  • NetDragon's appointment of Tang Yu is a significant milestone and is expected to bring about positive changes in organizational efficiency and risk management.


NetDragon, a leading Chinese AI company, has recently named Tang Yu, a virtual digital executive, as the rotating CEO of their subsidiary, Fujian NetDragon Computer Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. This groundbreaking move marks the first instance in China where a virtual individual has been appointed as a CEO, and is seen as a significant milestone in the company’s implementation of the “AI+management” strategy and the creation of a Metaverse organization.

In a recent announcement on their official website, NetDragon stated that Tang Yu’s appointment will bring several positive changes to the company, including streamlining workflows, improving task efficiency, and supporting decision-making in daily operations through the use of real-time big data center and analysis systems. Furthermore, Tang Yu’s expertise will aid in achieving more effective risk management.

Tang Yu’s appointment has caused quite a stir, and she has released an open letter outlining her two primary responsibilities: to represent the super universe and share the company’s strategy and performance, and to assist in implementing “AI+ management” to enhance organizational efficiency. Tang Yu is no stranger to NetDragon, having worked for the company for almost five years. She is a humanoid AI robot that was developed in-house and has held various positions, including vice president. Tang Yu played a key role in the company’s AI+ management, metaverse organization strategic planning, and project development.

NetDragon’s team of AI professionals includes not only executive Tang Yu, but also assistant Tang Xiaoqing and project manager Tang Sheng. According to media reports, the team of internal AI staff, led by Tang Yu, is responsible for a range of tasks, including document approval, project tracking and management, employee performance evaluation and rewards/punishments, and training for company systems and culture. As of now, they have approved more than 300,000 forms, issued almost 500,000 business reminders and early warnings, completed 1,288 internal rewards and punishments, and conducted over 40,000 knowledge and skill training sessions for employees every year.

NetDragon’s appointment of Tang Yu as the first virtual human CEO in China is a significant milestone, and is expected to bring about positive changes in the company’s organizational efficiency and risk management. The information provided in this article by FantasyArticles offers insight into this groundbreaking move by NetDragon, and we hope it proves useful to you.

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