The remarkable speed of a quantum computer surpasses conventional limits

Google's Quantum Computer achieves tasks at an unprecedented speed, showcasing the transformative potential of quantum computing in reshaping our capabilities and understanding of the world.

Jul 15, 2023 - 23:51
Jul 15, 2023 - 23:51
The remarkable speed of a quantum computer surpasses conventional limits

The tech industry worldwide is engaged in a competitive race to develop quantum computing technology. According to the National Security Agency, the construction of a sufficiently large quantum computer could potentially undermine the security of widely-used public key algorithms.

To comprehend the disparity between classical and quantum computers in simpler terms, let's employ an analogy:

  1. Classical Computing: Visualize a classical computer as an efficient office worker. This worker possesses a desk filled with folders, each of which can contain a document (representing a 1) or be empty (representing a 0). The worker can only open one folder at a time to determine its contents. This sequential processing mirrors how classical computers handle information, one bit at a time.

  2. Quantum Computing: Now, envision a magical office worker. This worker also has numerous folders, but here's the twist: each folder can simultaneously hold a document and be empty. Moreover, the magical worker can open all the folders at once. This scenario resembles the operations of a quantum computer. The folders act as qubits, capable of existing in a superposition of both 0 and 1 states, while the ability to open all folders concurrently symbolizes the quantum computer's capacity to process all possible combinations of bits simultaneously.

Here's how Google explains quantum computing:

Google's new computer uses something called "qubits" to do its calculations. Qubits serve as the fundamental building blocks of a quantum computer, akin to the essential components that enable its operations.The computational power of a quantum computer is directly linked to the number of qubits it possesses. In the case of Google's latest innovation, their computer boasts an impressive 70 qubits, signifying its substantial capability.

Currently, there exists an intense competition between countries and prominent corporations to achieve "quantum supremacy" - a significant milestone in quantum computing.

Google proudly asserts that they have attained "quantum supremacy" through their groundbreaking achievement. It is noteworthy that IBM, a key competitor of Google, has also recently accomplished the construction of a quantum computer.

Diagram illustrates how start-up activity & investments in quantum computing have skyrocketed since 2015:

The implications of this breakthrough extend to various domains, including but not limited to drug discovery, climate modeling, financial modeling, and even artificial intelligence. The potential impact of this development is immense, promising a paradigm shift in numerous fields of study and application.

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